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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which payment methods do you accept?
A1. Our main payment is Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram,WebMoney,and Bank Transfer.

Q2. When can I get my package?
A2. We ususlly get the goods after 3 to 5 day's domestic delivery.After we get all the goods,if you use EMS,it will take 7 to 20 days for international delivery.

Q3. What makes you better than other Taobao agent,taobao agents?
A3. We are very confident to tell you that you have many reasons to choose us:

  1. We provide the biggest discount in international shipping: up to 60% in DHL, up to 50% off in EMS.
  2. Except item price (domestic delivery included), you only need to pay two fees: service fee and international shipping fee. No parcel registration/declaration/fuel tax fee, no any other additional fees!
  3. There are no minimum order requirements. With us, you buy no matter how much you want and still enjoy our low commission. Minimimum commission fee: 35RMB.
  4. It is very easy to use our service: you make an order in English in our efacehome order system and follow the process.
  5. With us, you can enjoy shopping with the biggest reassurance: when your order arrives to our warehouse, we will not only check it carefully, but also send a photo for you if necessary to check and to rest assured.

See more our advantages here: Why efacehome.

Q4. How can I pay for your efacehome agent,taobao agent service? Is it safe?
A4. We use Paypal as our payment option, which can process credit cards as well. When we receive your payment, we send you an invoice with a Paypal button in our Taobao order system, which redirects you to Paypal official site where you enter your payment information in secure way. In a word, it is 100% safe. Be sure that the payment page address starts with HTTPS and shows a valid secure certificate provided by Paypal.

We also accept Moneybookers and bank wire transfer.

For those who prefer to use Moneybookers or bank wire transfer as payment, the currency rate will be lower than above, please ask us.

Q5. What should I pay if I use your efacehome buying service?
A5.We charge the fewest fees. With our service, you only need to pay Taobao item price, domestic delivery, service fee and international shipping fee(insurance is optional). There are no any other additional fees!

Q6 . Do I need to pay parcel declaration fee, registration fee or fuel tax which is often added by most Taobao agent,taobao agents for international shipping?
A6. No. Our international shipping fee list is the final price for international shipping.

Q7. The international shipping fee listed in your site is applied for all products?
A7. Our international shipping fee listed on our site is applied for most situations, but if the items you want to buy are special or sensitive, this shipping fee list doesn't apply anymore. If it is in this situation, please ask us for information.

Q8 .If my country is not in the international shipping fee list, does it mean you do not provide shipping to my county?
A8. No, our Taobao shipping services by DHL, EMS and AIL MAIL provide shipping to almost everywhere in the world. If your country is not in the list, please ask us, and we will tell you the shipping fee to your country immediately.

Q9. Except DHL, EMS and AIL MAIL, can I have other international shipping option?
A9. Yes, we recommend these three shipping methods because of the discount we can get and their quality. We can also provide UPS, Fedex, TNT, Hong Kong Post, SAL and inland transportation. So if you have preference in other shipping method, please ask us.

Q10. If I want to buy an item of 100RMB, how much do I pay you? How much my order will cost to me?
A10. Total fees = item price + domestic delivery + service fee + international shipping fee. efacehome service fee = 10% (item price + domestic delivery). International shipping fee depends on the weight of your item and destination country. Please check Shipping fees from China.

Q11. How to use your service?
A11. Check How to use our service

Q12. Why only taobao.com? Can I buy from other Chinese online shopping websites?
A12. We recommend Taobao because it is China’s biggest shopping platform and has more than 80% market share, you can find everything there very easily. However, if you have preference in other Chinese shopping websites, you can also choose your items there and order in the same way, we can help you as well. The other famous shopping sites are: www.eachnet.com, www.paipai.com, www.dangdang.com, www.amazon.cn, www.vancl.com, www.360buy.com

Q13. How long does it take to receive my order?
A13. After you pay us the 1st payment (item price + our service fee), it takes 3 – 5 days for your order to arrive to our warehouse. It takes one day for us to:
1. check your order for defects,
2. repack it.
3. weight it,
4. inform you about the parcel weight, request your 2nd payment,
5. get your confirmation together with payment
After your payment for shipment is done, you receive your order within 2-20 working days depending on your delivery choice (DHL: 2-5 days, EMS: 5-10 days, AIR Mail: 10-20 days). So in total, it might take between 5 and 25 days. Please note that we count only working days, if weekend and holidays are counted in, the total time for arrival is longer.

Q14. How do I track my order?
A14. Check Delivery tracking

Q15. If I didn't get my parcel, what should I do?
A15. Please track your parcel status according to the tracking number we give you. If the parcel has reached your country several days ago, please contact the local EMS company for more information. If the parcel was lost or sent back to China, please contact your sales immediately.

Q16. Can I cancel my order?
A16. Once the order has been paid, it can not be cancelled.
But you can change your order before you pay.


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