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The exchange rate was set in accordance with the average rate of Bank of China in a certain period. If there are major changes, efacehome taobao agent will adjust the exchange rate according to actual conditions.
To know exactly what is today's exchange rate please refer to this website: http://www.xe.com/

The final price of your order will include items fee, domestic delivery fee, efacehome service fee, international delivery fee, bank service fee, insurance fee (optional).

Total = (items fee + domestic delivery fee + efacehome service fee + international delivery fee)*1.04+0.3

1、Items fee
The price and the domestic delivery fee are on the website. Occasionally, some price is the wholesale price or group price, some is only the down payment, some is just a price range, please translate the webpage with google, then read that carefully.
2、Domestic delivery fee
Most domestic express company only charge 10 to 30CNY per kilogram. The fee differs according to courier, parcel weight, size, distance between seller's location and our company
3、efacehome service fee
efacehome service fee is 10 % of (items fee + domestic delivery fee)
4、International delivery fee
International delivery fees were charged according to the weight of parcel.
The heavier the parcel is, the dearer the international delivery fee is.
We strongly recommend EMS which is secure and quick, plus you can get a 50% discount.
Price List of International Delivery>>.
5、Bank service fee
Paypal will charge 4%+0.3 of the total price as bank service fee.
6、Insurance fee ( optional )

Insurance is 5 % of the above cost (including item's fee + domestic delivery fee)

Why do we recommend you to buy insurance>>

Except the above fees, efacehome taobao agent will not charge you any other fees!!!

Here is an example of calculation(This case service fee is 10%,paypal fee is 4%+0.3,about service fee standard please see this page):
Receiver's location: Spain
Items' price: 1000CNY
Domestic delivery fee: 30CNY
Weight of the parcel: 3 kg
International delivery method: EMS
Insurance: Yes
Payment method: Paypal

Item fee
Domestic delivery fee
efacehome service fee
Delivery fee
Insurance fee
Bank service fee
  • efacehome service fee = (1000CNY + 30CNY)*10% = 103CNY * 0.15 = 15.45USD
  • The international delivery fee for 3kg is:
    140 CNY + (5 * 37.5 CNY ) = 327.5 CNY * 0.15 = 49.12USD
    From China to Spain by EMS,
    the first 500g is 140 CNY, the additional 500g is 37.5 CNY.
  • Insurance fee = 5%*(1000CNY+30CNY) = 51.5CNY * 0.15 = 7.73USD
  • Bank service fee = 4%*(1000CNY+30CNY+103CNY+327.5CNY+51.5CNY) = 60.48CNY *0.15 = 9.07+0.3USD
  • Total= (1000CNY + 30CNY + 103CNY+327.5CNY+51.5CNY) *1.04 = 1572.48CNY * 0.15 + 0.3= 236.17USD

What is points?
If you buy 5 CNY items and you confirmed your parcel on our website after you get your parcel,you will get 5 points from efacehome.

How to use my points?
If points < 5000,you can enjoy the service fee rate is 10% forever.
If 5000 <= points < 50000,you can enjoy the service fee rate is 7% forever.
If 50000 <= points < 300000,you can enjoy the service fee rate is 6% forever.
If your points > 300000,you can enjoy the service fee rate is 5% forever.
If your points > 1000000,you can enjoy the service fee rate is 3%.

Points use rule:
Only when your points more than 300000,for more than 300000 part,you can exchange,rule:500 points exchange 1 CNY.
For example,if you have 350000 points,for the 50000 points,you can exchange,the result is you get 100 CNY from efacehome.


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